Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ice cream for lunch

Tempting as it may sound, I opted not to go for dog ice cream settling for a Mr Whippy 99 from the pier cafe instead. 

A baby gannet was sitting outside the new lifeboat-house on the pier. I assume it was lost/injured/confused as it just sat there. Somebody called the RSPCA and we were pleased to see the inspector complete with net and large box heading to the rescue.
The RNLI is an amazing organisation funded only by donations from the public. The men - apart from the cox - are all volunteers and put their own lives in danger going to the rescue of ships and swimmers lost at sea. Mumbles has had three lifeboat disasters in its history, in 1883 (four dead), 1903 (six dead), and 1947 (whole crew of eight dead).

But on a lighter note they've a fun machine in the lifeboat station allowing people to 'be' lifeboatmen for a moment. And in complete safety and warmth.


Di West said...

I've just realised that it's actually you and Mike in the picture...Dooh !
Very good it is too and BTW I couldn't spot your grammatical error in the
newspaper...I'd make a good proof reader...not!
Love Di xxx

Liz Hinds said...

Ha ha! It's not an obvious error to be honest.