Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How long does it take to choose a scrapbook?

That depends. I decided to make a scrapbook for GrandSons1 and 3 who've been to visit so they can look back on their holiday. And add to it with other photos and drawings or writing.

a) traditional paper, 32 pages, £1.99;
b) traditional paper, 96 pages, price unknown;
c) thicker paper, 32 pages, £3.99.

a) is the thicker paper double the quality?
b)  will they ever manage to fill - before they get bored - 96 pages?
c) can I be bothered to go to the counter and ask the price of the big one?

I bought the £1.99 one.

And will recount the Gower Chilli Festival Chilli Cook-out competition that Elder Son entered for the second year. Last year he came ninth; this year he was third! Only behind the 'professional' amateurs who compete all over the country. And he has qualified now for the UK competition. 
Gower Chilli Festival cook-out 2017
Husband was, as last year, tent-putter-upper and general dogsbody and the team name was Pork-Chop Express. No, I didn't recognise the significance either but apparently it's from Big Trouble in Little China, a 1986 film starring Kurt Russell. It was a slightly misleading team name though as Elder Son's chilli was made with short rib beef.

The scrapbook will also feature images from the afternoon at the beach where Younger Son tested out his brand-new fire pit and cooked us hot dogs for dinner.
Brothers relaxing.
And there'll be photos of them being very brave and going in our pool even though the temperature had dropped to a chilly 22 degrees. And following the clues to find the buried treasure!

It's a good job they knew enough about football to know that Gareth Bale plays it without knowing what club he plays for as it turns out that Granny doesn't know either. One of the clues was stuck on a Barcelona FC football and Gareth Bale plays for Real Madrid. They could have been looking for a long time.

Toby, our new grandpup, helped to dig up the treasure.

And this was my best attempt. Trying to get them both to stay still at vaguely the same time while facing in roughly the same direction for long enough for my automatic-focusing camera to focus was hard.
I only managed this because food was involved.

P.S. If anyone has lost a BFC football we have it. It appeared in our garden and no-one has claimed it.

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Well done to you Liz .. a great way to have memories. I send my grandchildren photos and they put them in their own memory boxes. Along with postcards I send them from my trips and a card or two each.

Your right , I didn't see the connection with the name of your son's team and as I haven't heard of the film , I still don't.. mind you as I have just read it again , I got the feeling that "chop" was to do with it , something like Chop suey.. hahaha , think my mind has had a bit of a lapse.