Friday, July 21, 2017

Considering spatial awareness - cleaning day part 1

spatial awareness
I mean, why would you want to work this out?
Cleaning day today. Have I mentioned that I hate cleaning? So today will be a day of many blog and Facebook posts. (I need little rests.) With a bit of spatial awareness thrown in for the sake of those who find cleaning incredibly boring. Like me.

* * * * * * * 
Husband looked at the quilt and at the suitcase. 'It's not going to fit in there,' he said.
'Yes it is,' I said.
He laughed.
'I took a double quilt out of it so another double must fit into it.'

What I wasn't taking into account was the fact that the quilt I'd removed from the suitcase is about three times thinner than the one we're trying to put in.

We gave up.

I should know better than to argue with Husband about such things; he has much better spatial awareness.

Apparently it's a man thing. Whoops, that's probably sexist. But that's the way it is in our house. I suppose I am quite behind the times in feminist thinking in that I do most of the cleaning, shopping and cooking, and all of the washing while Husband does gardening, decorating, and fixing things. But that's the way we both like it and it works for us. 

And I should add that today he's cleaning the kitchen!

A quick google confirmed that research has shown that men do tend to do better at spatial awareness tests than women, however, there was a suggestion that education can change that. A bit late for me I think. I shall continue to call Husband and say things like, 'Will I get everything in this saucepan in that jug?


nick said...

Jenny is often better at spatial awareness than I am. She's better at judging things like what furniture will fit where and what you can get into a suitcase. But we're both pretty hopeless at parking the car.

Liz Hinds said...

That's interesting, Nick. I can park a car when I try and no-one's watching or waiting for me. Then i just panic.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

My other half had much better spatial awareness than me , he also had a different thinking brain , i.e Science, clouds , stars many other things, of course His computer skills , which he taught himself .. He did one of the hardest exams in computers and passed too . I am much better than languages than him and writing a blog , We also had jobs that he did and I didn't. But we shared cooking , washing up etc. I am WAY behind in Feminism too.

I don't even drive but interesting to read that a man says he is pretty hopeless at parking :-)