Sunday, July 30, 2017

Back when I was hideous

The de-cluttering continues. With some surprises.
Here I am, on the left, in my DVLC working days with my friend, Sue. Three interesting things about this:
a) I haven't seen or been in touch with Sue since about 1979;
b) I made that dress myself - with my own two hands I pinned, cut, and sewed, yes, sewed, and it was probably the only thing I ever made;
c) I can't believe I looked so good.

Most of my life I spent looking at myself and thinking how fat and unattractive I was. It's only in later years that I've gained in self-esteem and been reasonably happy with my appearance. Now I look back at me in bikinis and think, 'Wow! You were all right, you know.'

So much time wasted feeling like rubbish and I'm sure I wasn't alone in that then or now. If only we could tell our younger selves to stop worrying, to relax, to just be ourselves, that we're okay. Then maybe there'd be less depression and fewer eating disorders amongst young people.

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