Monday, June 12, 2017

Maybe next year

Following our recent trip to Lanzarote travel companies have marked us down as potential customers. It's one thing to have suggestions pop up on Facebook offering bargain breaks in the Canaries, quite another to have mail to the door offering private jet world tours.

For just £55,000 per person you could enjoy a private jet (almost private, just you and 51 others) tour of almost about anywhere you can think of and some you didn't. Of course that includes an on-tour physician and an executive chef. That's the starting price by the way. You might prefer to opt for the £110,000 world tour ...

Maybe not this year. 

And if I were to go on holiday by private jet I would expect it to be private i.e. just me and Husband, or at a push the children as well. Which obviously would mean grandchildren too. So, fourteen of us, that's almost a jetful.

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nick said...

What a bizarre world it is when some people think nothing of splashing out £110,000 on a world jet tour, while others are desperately resorting to food banks.