Monday, June 05, 2017

Curves are good ... if you want a baby

A new book claims that 'curvy bums and boobs ... ensure the future of humankind. They are proof that a woman was well-nourished while growing up and carries good child-feeding genes ... it makes evolutionary sense for new couples to plump up as this provides both of them with a fatty fallback for when they begin the arduous task of reproducing the species.'

The book by David Bainbridge, Curvology, asks what it means to be a woman having to balance balance the 'ancient conflicting demands of food, shape and success in a modern, unnatural world'.

So my curves helped me to breed (successfully - three children) but what can be my excuse now for the little extra curvature on my hips? I need to find a reason, I mean, write a book on the subject.

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Shirley Davis said...

Because God knows best - he created us to put on weight as we age because being thin and wrinkly isn't flattering - slim and supple or curvy and comfortable are good goals now our babies have flown.