Monday, April 03, 2017

Scattering Uncle

Scattered Uncle today. Considering it was only half of him there was a lot and it took a while - while my feet were in the freezing cold sea. Husband reminded me that I have often boasted that when I was a mere youth I would aim to go in the sea as early as possible in the year - the first sunny day in March or April. As I remember it would be a very quick dip that would literally take one's breath away. I must have been truly insane. And a lot hardier than I am now!

But back to Uncle. Again Husband reminded me that some of the ashes would have been coffin. I would like to think that the cremation workers remove the body from the coffin before it's burned and return it to the undertakers (or whoever provides the coffin) for recycling. I would have no problem with that but I suppose some people might. Such a waste of trees. When I go I will be happy with a cardboard box. (Children of mine, please note!)

It was a lovely sunny day, the tide was in and the wind was light so I only had to paddle into the water a short way, which is just as well as it was stony-bottomed and I could easily have ended up in the water myself. (Husband had the camera ready just in case.)
George watches as I make my way into the water.

On the way back I spotted a gate I'd not noticed before. It turned out to be the gate of the Jubilee Gardens.
Apparently the garden is a community project undertaken by Mumbles Community Council and the residents of Llanfair House, a local home providing supported care and accommodation for people with mental health issues.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

LIke you , I'll be happy with a cardboard coffin , and have wondered if a box used to transport a new 'fridge mightn't do ? Failing that , you can buy wickerwork ones here .
But I'm not planning to need one just yet .

Katney said...

We had the option of having a loaner coffin for the viewing if we chose cremation.

Liz Hinds said...

Yes, you can buy wicker ones here too, sonata, and I would have been tempted except I felt Uncle would want a 'proper' one! There is a woodland section in our local cemetery too where they don't have stones as such.

What a brilliant idea, Kathy.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

My sister had a woodland burial with a willow or wicker coffin . No church service nor hymns . My mum was a bit upset with this being an ardent Catholic and church goer.but she over came it. Was strange but lovely. Two men sang at the graveside with accordion ..