Friday, April 21, 2017

Earthquakes in London

Last night I went to the theatre. On my own. 

It was an amateur production of a play called Earthquakes in London and I knew two of the people appearing in it. It was a last minute decision to go: I'd been dithering but wanted to support them, so I checked the start time on their Facebook page and went.

And arrived just after it had started - 15 minutes before Facebook had said.

I slid into a seat, which happened to be on the front row. It's one of those trendy small theatre areas that don't have a raised stage and you're eyeball to eyeball with the performers. And then I noticed it. The strange smell. No, not strange, downright horrible. Rather like stinky fish but worse. It was so bad it distracted me from the play.

I tried to sniff my neighbours - subtly of course - but couldn't work out from where the smell emanated so I was greatly relieved when it came time for the interval. It happened that I knew three women sitting in the row behind. One of them said she'd noticed the smell and thought it came from the little woman on my right.

There was a spare seat in their row so for the second half I joined them and, apart from the odd whiff, it was happily pong-free. I can only assume the poor woman had a problem - in university there was a boy who although always scrupulously clean and smartly dressed had a strange odour that was alleged to be hormone related - and I do feel sorry for her, but, oh, I still had the smell in my nose when I got home and went to bed.

As for the play, well, it was long and quite depressing but very well done.


S. J. Qualls said...

Oh dear, late, and then smells, topping it off with depressing. Sounds like an odd outing.

Rose said...

Arriving late, depressing play, and then the awful smell--you were a trooper to go and support your friends with all of this:)

nick said...

Oh dear, a long and depressing play and a nasty smell. Not quite the ideal evening! I hope your next outing goes a bit better. My sense of smell is so poor I might not have noticed the nasty smell at all....

Liz Hinds said...

It was slightly odd, SJ, but I'm glad I went.

I was glad I kicked myself enough to get up and go, Rose, because I am tending to be a stay-at-home-Millie these days!

I think you would have had to be completely unable to smell anything, Nick!