Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dragons on and off the pitch

A good weekend rugby-wise for our household. Wales beat Ireland and England beat Scotland.

The Welsh game last night was brutal. You could hear the tackles - well, they weren't so much tackles as ram-raids. A tight game it was very tense but it was great to see Wales play with a bit of oomph. Today's game was something of a walkover and I stopped watching at half time. I am fighting - and beating - my inclination to cheer on whoever England's playing but there was a bit of me today hoping Scotland would win. But only because that would have left the championship open and Wales, I think, still in with a teensy chance, if everything went the right way. Probably a so teensy as to be impossible but now England have won the championship a week before the end of the competition. They'll be going for the Grand Slam next week while the rest of us play for pride.

But before the game today we went to view the Dragon Parade in Mumbles.

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S. J. Qualls said...

I've never seen rugby.
Is Mumbles a town or ? Did they just have the one dragon?