Friday, December 16, 2016

About that urgent appointment

So, somewhere between two hospitals, I got lost in the system.

Morriston say they referred me; Singleton deny knowledge. I've spoken to a secretary who has assured me she will send my details through again and hurry them up.

It's a good job I feel all right. It must be horrible if you get lost and have to wait when you're in pain.

Meanwhile, on other matters, I feel I should be worrying about all that I have to do before Christmas but ... I'm not. Which is all to the good as if I thought about it seriously I might throw a wobbly.

Instead I'm enjoying a raft of Christmas films: White Christmas, Wonderful Life, The Santa Clause, Jingle All the Way to name just a few of the better ones. As well as Christmas lunch with Zac's women's group at Nicholaston House.
My angel, a gift from Dawn


mrsnesbitt said...

Just got the Radio Times so i'll be planning our viewing lol! I may let hubby choose the odd programme - I am too kind! Dxx Thinking about you Liz x

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Dawn's angel will sort everything out in a flash, since she's wearing her Wonder Woman costume.