Sunday, September 18, 2016

Not without thorough research

So we're in the car going to Mothercare to look at baby seats. I say, 'Goody, I can get a stair gate at the same time.' (To stop GrandDaughter2 escaping up the stairs at every opportunity.)
'No, you can't,' says Husband.
'Why not?'
'You have to research it first. Find out which is the best one.'
'For goodness sake, it's only a stair gate. How complicated can it be?'
'Look what happened when you rushed out and bought a scales without first researching it.' (What happened was that, unlike our previous scales, this one doesn't store a record of your weight so you have to remember it from week to week.)

I mutter under my breath.

After a long and complicated discussion with not one but two store assistants we're no closer to choosing a car seat/pushchair than we were before. In spite of Husband's extremely time-consuming and thorough research.

I wander off to look for stair gates. Turns out I was right: it is very simple. You can have the permanent sort that you have to screw into the wall or a pressure-fit one, which is the one we need. 
'You're not going to let me buy it, are you?' I ask.
'No,' says Husband. 'We have to research it first.'

So tomorrow he's going to be the one chasing GrandDaughter2 every time she runs upstairs.

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Leslie: said...

I got a pressure fit one to keep Tegan in or out as needed. She knocked it over when I first got it and it made such a huge bang that she now won't even go near it. So I only have to lean it against an opening and she stays far away from it.