Sunday, September 25, 2016

A mini sort of bump

So ... I'm going in shopping this morning. I get in the car and drive down our little bit of road. A car reverses out from one of the neighbouring houses and into Mini.

The other driver and I both get out and she says, 'I'm sorry. Don't worry, I'll get it sorted but my husband's away at the moment. But don't worry. You know where I live.' Then she gets back into the car and I get back into my car and we drive off. (I am reminded of the time a car drove into me in the car park when I worked at DVLC. Instead of stopping and challenging  the driver of the other car I drove away. When I got back to the office the men I worked with shouted at me for not acting. 'What sort of car was it?' they asked. 'A grey one ...) 

Then I decide I had better tell Husband before going shopping so drive back. 
'The lady down the road just drove into me.' 
He groans. 'How did that happen?'
Then he comes out, examines the damage, takes photos and generally acts like an insurance assessor. Finally he says, 'Okay, you can go shopping now,' then as he starts to walk away I shout after him, 'I'm fine, thank you for asking.'

His excuse is that he could see I was absolutely fine. My feeling is that his first question should have been, 'Are you all right?' not 'How did that happen?'

But I'm not going to labour the point too much as I have yet to get insurance details from the other driver as I'm being a bit of a wimp about it. (Note to self: is it too late to take assertiveness classes?)


nick said...

The correct response is of course "Well, obviously it wasn't you, as you're a very alert and careful driver. Who was the idiot who did that?"

Liz Hinds said...

Indeed, that would have perfect, Nick.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

We're conditioned from birth not to make a fuss ... nice young women didn't !
If I were starting again , I'd have tattoos , nose studs and combat boots and make a lot of noise ... maybe

Rose said...

I once had a young guy run into me in a parking lot, and another time an older woman ran into my car while it was parked!! at McDonald's. Both times the drivers didn't want to turn the claims into insurance and assured me they would pay for the damage to my car. When I got home, my husband told me I had been very foolish not to insist on reporting the incidents. But both times the other driver came through and paid for the damage. I hope all turns out for you just as well!

Suburbia said...

Sad he didn't think about you first. Hope it gets sorted soon