Monday, July 04, 2016

They make 'em tough in Mumbles

On Saturday Uncle made himself a bacon sandwich for the first time since he fell and broke his hip about this time last year: in his new apartment he can get into the kitchen.

Yesterday he ate all his cawl and dumpling followed by jelly for lunch, and bacon, egg, fried bread and tomatoes for dinner. And he took himself out on his mobility scooter, having made it down to the garage using his zimmer frame. 

I was very pleased that he ate properly (his appetite has been very poor for some time) and he was delighted that he'd made it out on his own. 'I feel free again,' he said.

Last summer he was talking about wishing he were dead and saying he was no use to anyone but just a burden. It seemed almost unlikely that he'd make it to his 90th birthday in December. The way he is now I can see him getting a telegram from the Queen/King on his 100th. 

They make 'em tough in Mumbles.


seafairwest said...

Tell him I am sending good wishes for him in his new place. Am off to North Yorkshire today.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

A friend's busy organising her grandmother's birthday , her 99th , with a splendid lunch in a lovely country house .
"But shouldn't we be saving all this for next year ? ", worried Grandmother , "For when I'm 100 ? "

Trubes said...

That's great news and there's nothing like a bowl of caul and some yummy
fluffy dumplings...The dumplings must have turbo charged him and encouraged
him to whiz about in his mobility scooter...Well done Uncle.

Di xx

nick said...

My mum was equally surprised to reach her 90th birthday. She's now 94 and at the rate she's going (her general health is pretty good) she'll probably reach 100 as well. Luckily she's not a burden on anyone but fends for herself very well in her sheltered flat. She would hate to be a burden on anyone, and so would I.