Thursday, January 21, 2016

Inherent Vice

So, to clarify: I think the covered cage was something to do with Roman Catholicism. The parrot was just my imagination. But a better idea I like to think.

Fitbit. It's took 24 hours for me and then Husband when I gave up to set up my Fitbit, to wirelessly sync it. (Don't ask me what that means.) It's still sitting on my desk looking at me in an annoyed fashion. Okay, I'll put it on, shall I? ... Right, it feels okay, quite soft strap, but the display seems to be a bit too far around my wrist but you can't adjust it because that's the way the gubbins is set up. Once I accept that and don't go to change it each time I look at it I'm sure it'll be fine.

Well, my heart rate is 65 and so far Fitbit is proving accurate in that it records my steps as 0. I've already argued with a till today so I can see me and Fibit having a few show-downs. The trouble with arguing with a machine is that you can never win. Even if you're right the machine won't admit it. I'd better decide on a name so when people say, 'Are you talking to yourself?' I can say, 'No, I'm talking to Hermione.' Or whoever.

I was going to take a photo of Fitbit on my arm but then I noticed how hairy my arms are. Dark hairs too. It's one thing to bleach your top lip, quite another to tackle two arms.

* * * * * * * * 

One of my Christmas presents from Husband was a dvd called Inherent Vice. Apparently it was on a 'recommended for over 55s' list. We watched it last night. The main character is a private eye called Doc - I only know that because I just read the write-up on Amazon. Prior to that I thought he was called Dug or Dog. In fact I should probably have read the synopsis on the web before watching the film: I may have known what was going on then. Here's an excerpt from one of the reviews:
Doc's journey takes him through a dead biker, Mental Asylum (Straight is Hip), Chinese smuggling, Dentist pedophile, massage parlor, and government conspiracy involving the FBI, DOJ and the Aryan Nation. Try to keep up.

I failed to keep up but having said that it's not an entirely bad film. To its credit you can't fall asleep while it's on; you have to concentrate. Younger Son just said we should have had subtitles on and I do think that would have helped because they did mumble so. And, apart from his sideburns, Doc was a reasonably nice person.

I see Netflix will be showing House of Cards season 4 this year. Husband is a big fan but we watched the first season just after Breaking Bad and I couldn't cope with any more horrid people so gave up. I like nice.


Leslie: said...

Are you watching the American version of House of Cards? I watched the entire British series and thought the American one could not possibly be better than that. Also, it was only on a channel I don't get, so never bothered to rent the videos or anything. I don't think I'd watch Inherent Vice, either, as if it's to do with "vice" I'm like you in that I prefer "nice." LOL

Liz Hinds said...

We loved the British House of Cards so thought we'd enjoy the Kevin Spacey one. I'm sure it's very good though.

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