Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I can understand the cover-up but why a parrot in church?

My style of driving Alfie Porsche is best described as 'Pick a gear, any gear'. Don't tell Husband though.

Today it was sunny. Good. But it meant I had to pull the sun visor down. Bad. It hits me on the head and covers most of the front windscreen meaning I can see very little of what's ahead. I also couldn't see what was behind me as the mirror was adjusted for Husband and if I move it it falls off.

So pity anyone following me on the road today. Still I got home in one piece. 

To play with my new Fitbit! Having said that, after the initial 'oh, isn't it pretty?' excitement I haven't touched it. I thought I could just put it on and hey presto that would be that but no, it seems it has to be charged and then, quite possibly, linked up to NATO HQ.

While it was charging I visited Sainsburys (how many times can one woman go to Sainsburys in one week? Better add on another once as I've just remembered what I forgot) and child-minded. I bought chicken nuggets and oven chips to try and tempt grandchildren to eat something other than bread and hummus or 'yellow' i.e. with butter, toast. 

The chips were cast aside as being too thin and crunchy and the chicken nuggets weren't even tasted. So I had finish off everything. As well as eat my dinner. I did intend to have a smaller dinner, honest, but the cheese and coleslaw just seemed to creep onto my plate.

Oh yes, the parrot.

In RC mass with Uncle on Saturday - a special mass was said for him in honour of his 90th birthday - and I couldn't help but notice the covered cage just behind the altar. Obviously you wouldn't want a parrot  - or maybe budgie - to be talking away during mass so the cover I can understand. It's just why have a birdcage on the altar at all?


mrsnesbitt said...

This brought memories of a parrot tale! We had a pick up a few years back. On one occasion Jon had dropped me off outside the local supermarket. When I came out there was a 4 foot cage in the back of the picj up and a youth sitting with Jon (3 seater pickup) He had asked Jon for a lift with the parrot! Strange but true! (Ex-pupil) didn't know who he had asked till I came out of the shop. Small world eh?

nick said...

Children nowadays - so picky with their food. When I was a kid, you ate what was on your plate and that was that. And it wasn't a question of forcing it down my throat either. As far as I recall, I actually enjoyed what I was given. Fish fingers were a big favourite!

Rose said...

Perhaps the bird cage was there for a sermon later? Our pastor uses all kinds of props for children's sermons. I bought a Fitbit for myself several months ago, but all it does is remind me each time I check it what a slug I am:) Just starting to get back into reading blogs again and catching up--I like your slogan "This is the first day of the rest of my life." Thanks for that, Liz; I'm going to remind myself of that each new morning!

Liz Hinds said...

That sounds like a big cage, MrsN. How big was the parrot?!

I loved fish fingers and indeed still enjoy chicken nuggets, Nick.

Let's go for it, Rose.

Katney said...

Your drawing looks as if it could be the tabernacle with a cloth covering. Not as common as in older church architecture and decor, but possible. Unless there was actual parrot squawking.