Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's those rascally rabbits again!

It seems like a year since I last blogged. It's only three weeks but the events I wrote about then also seem to have come from a different life. So, yes, I've been busy, y'know.

What have I been doing? Good question.

Mostly my thoughts/time/energy have been on preparations for Uncle's 90th birthday tea party but I'm sure I've fitted in other stuff around that. That's the trouble: if I don't blog about it I don't remember it.

One thing does stand out. The grandchildren love to play Peter Rabbit where I am Mr McGregor and they are the rabbits stealing my vegetables while I'm asleep. They have to creep out from their burrow (behind the sofa) and steal my carrots (lego bricks) without getting caught and put into my saucepan (the sofa) for rabbit stew. GrandDaughter1 is very good at it but GrandSon2 is too scared to come out from his burrow so he just cheers on his sister.

Anyway, this particular day Husband, who was carrying GrandDaughter2, had come into the room and was sitting down just outside the burrow. When I'd failed to catch the rabbits I turned to GrandDaughter2 and said, 'A baby rabbit! They're the sweetest of all. I'll have you for my dinner!'

At that GrandDaughter1 rushed out from the safety of her burrow and crouched in front of her little sister. 'You can't have her! You can take me instead!'

I'd like to think that protective urge would last for life but knowing siblings I expect they'll each have their moments.

* * * * * * *
Zac's women's bible study group enjoyed Christmas lunch at Nicholaston House, a Christian retreat centre overlooking Oxwich Bay.

Mike was an honorary woman for the day as he was volunteered to drive some of us.
On a slightly different note, Lily, on the right in the photo, yesterday had her trans operation. She's been progressing towards it for six years, after a lifetime of self abuse and confusion. 

* * * * * * *
And then it was Uncle's birthday weekend. As a number of people were travelling from all over I arranged for us to go for a meal out on the Saturday evening.
With Louise and Steven from Nottingham.

With Anna Galliford, CEO of the Fitzroy Trust, a charity with which Uncle has been involved since its inception, and which now employs 1,000 people and looks after 600 residents in a number of homes.

A surprise from the restaurant. (The 'cake' is ceramic!')
Cometh the man, cometh the day.
These three have been friends since childhood.

Uncle's Aunt, my great-auntie Joan, on the left, at 96 was the oldest guest.

Speech time.

Blowing out his candles. Just in time because one fell in his lap just after.

And now I suppose I really should write some Christmas cards. When's last date for posting again?