Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The difference a minute makes

I had to phone the surgery for the result of a test. I wasn't worried because the doctor wasn't so I phoned expecting the receptionist to say, 'No problem.' I didn't expect her to say, 'You need to see the doctor.'

That was yesterday afternoon. I had to wait until this morning to see the doctor by which time I was planning the hymns for my funeral.

I went into the doctor's room with leaden feet feeling both sick and faint. (I am not good with anything that might involve hospitals or tests you understand. And I'm slightly neurotic.)
The doctor read the notes and said, 'Fine, it's benign.' She looked puzzled. 'Why have you come to see me?'

I hugged her and wept on her shoulder. No, I didn't really but I did skip out of the surgery. Suddenly life looked very good - and precious again. And too short not to eat that KitKat that's been sitting in the kitchen.


Leslie: said...

That happened to me recently. My doctor's receptionist called and said the doctor needed to see me about the tests I'd recently had. I, too, was convinced I had bone cancer or something related (since I'd broken my ankle so many times). So the doctor enters and says smiling, "So how are you doing?" I said, "I'm not sure. How AM I doing?" She got mad at the receptionist because she is forever telling her to tell the patient "it's nothing urgent" because patients get paranoid. Oh well, I guess we'll both be around for a while longer. LOL

nick said...

So why on earth did they tell you to see the doctor? As you say, it just makes most people terrified of what might be in store. Glad to know the funeral hymns can now be shelved again.

Graham Hunt said...

SO glad the result was good.... shame about the unnecessary concern caused though.

Liz Hinds said...

The doctor explained that the test results were written in medical language so the receptionist probably didn't feel it wise to try and interpret! I was always under the impression that the doctor viewed the results and left information for the receptionist to pass on to the patient. Apparently not.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Happy result Liz :-) brilliant news, Most of the time the receptionist does tell you the results of tests. but I am not in favour of this. I am glad that your receptionists didn't try and interpret. They are receptionists , I hate it when I phone up for an appointment and they can I ask what it is about.. NO you cannot. I would like to see a doctor, does it actually matter what it is about.