Thursday, November 05, 2015

My favourite time of the week

Thursday, 5.15 pm.
I love this time of the week. For a short period I can slow down. (If I ignore the things about the house that need doing.) I don't have to be preparing, planning, cooking or going anywhere. I can stop, put on my jim jams and just breathe. And that's enough. A little refresher to set me up for more busyness either planned or unexpected.

And today I have left-over leek and potato soup and cheese scones for dinner. Plus a pizza that is only one day out of date for Husband who doesn't like - no, I can't say he doesn't like it, rather that it's not a soup he'd choose - leek and potato.

And I'll worry about all the phone calls I have to make, washing I have to do, arrangements I need to change ... maybe tomorrow. (No, I won't; I'll start tonight because I can't just ignore it completely.)

In the Zac's opening prayer on Tuesday Sean spoke about the fact that we'll all have had different experiences during the week. 'For some it'll have been a good week; others will have struggled; for some it will have been relaxing ...' Sean carried on but I thought, 'Relaxing? Yes, I remember that. I think.'

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Ah , proper home-made cheese scones . I remember those .
I've now retreated to toastis ... next year it'll be a wave in the direction of the 'fridge .