Sunday, November 22, 2015

Eating the body

Went with Uncle to RC mass again last night. This time we managed to get him and his wheelchair into the car (thanks to Husband) rather than wait for a taxi.

I struggled a bit more with the service this week as it was focussing on transubstantiation and the sermon used a lot of words that I didn't really follow. Don't think Uncle was wild about it either as he fell asleep during the homily. He was sitting in his wheelchair in a gap between the rows and I was sitting behind him so I prodded him gently when it was time for the offering. 
'Did anyone notice, do you think?' he asked me afterwards.
But I think it was only his old neighbour who's also his friend and she understood.

Preparations are well under way for his party, which is now only three weeks away and apart from the fact that he seems to be confusing his guests all is going well!

But this afternoon it's GrandDaughter1's birthday party. She's six tomorrow and has invited a number of little girls for the party. No boys - except her little brother - allowed. Oh and granddads and dad.

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I'm not sure you're actually supposed to understand the sermon . Just let it wash over your head , like everyone else does .