Saturday, November 21, 2015

Back to the future, I mean the past

It was a last minute spur of the moment decision to go to my old school reunion but I'm glad I went.

It was a lunch party held in Sketty Hall and the food was excellent - except perhaps the mille feuille had a bit too much pastry and was very sweet - but of course I ate every last morsel. What was especially good about it was that I was one of the youngest there!

In the circles I mix with these days I am usually one of the oldest so that in itself was a treat. I'd guessed I would be as shortly after I left the school went co-ed and was swallowed up by the nearby boys' school, Bishop Gore.

There were only two of us at the reunion who started at Glanmor in 1964: me and Molly Clement. We didn't know each other as we were in different forms but Molly said she recognised me when we looked at the old school photos on display.
Molly is self-employed making ceremonial outfits for various events and people worldwide, including royalty. I spent most of my life being a wife and mother. Two Glanmor girls with very different stories. It would be nice to find out what happened to all the rest of our year.


Leslie: said...

My 50th graduation reunion was last month but after looking at the list of those going, I thought to myself, "Who ARE these people?" so I didn't bother going. Funny how you move on in life and forget the past.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Well done to you for going and making friends with Molly. I am not sure I would go to mine.