Friday, May 08, 2015

A brief jaunt through my week

So, Bank Holiday Monday we took the dogs for a long walk (see previous post) and then the grandchildren on the little trains of Derwen Fawr.
A reasonably relaxed day rebuilding energy.

Tuesday after making a cake for Zac's I decided to finish the half-cleaned bedroom and clean the bathroom (see earlier post). But then our landline phone that had been out of action since Saturday came to life and I discovered that my 89-year-old uncle had been in Morriston hospital since Sunday morning.

Tuesday afternoon I went to visit him taking Jane, an old friend, who had been staying with him. Getting home I iced the cake ready for Zac's.
I had no sooner arrived at Zac's than I had a phone call from Husband telling me that Jane had just been taken to Hospital with a suspected heart attack. I left Zac's and drove to Morriston where Jane was in A&E. (Actually she was still in the ambulance when I arrived there as they were full.) I stayed with her until just after midnight when they confirmed that they were going to take her up to a ward. While we were in A&E my uncle got a porter to wheel him over to visit.
Wednesday I took some washing to Daughter - her machine broke down just before Baby's birth - and had a cuddle with GrandDaughter2 then called to see my 94-year-old great-aunt in Mumbles to update her on the situation. Visited both uncle and Jane. Spent some time preparing for bible study the next day and making soup for lunch after.

Thursday up at the crack of dawn to cook cheese scones including one batch of the gluten-free variety for the women's group later.
Went to circuit training, showered and shot off to Zac's. Really enjoyed the study on being a child of God with a wonderful group of open and honest women. Think I'm actually beginning to get it. And all enjoyed the soup and scones!

Series of phone calls followed beginning with one from uncle saying could we go and pick him up and take him home as he was being discharged followed by several from others asking if I thought he was fit to be discharged and at home on his own.

Husband came with me to hospital and we found uncle looking and sounding much better. We questioned the ward sister and she said the hospital was happy for him to go home as he didn't need help washing himself and the physiotherapist had said okay too. We didn't really have any grounds to argue on especially as uncle who is 6'3" and too long for hospital beds was insistent.

Good job I had a solid lunch as I somehow missed out on dinner. But that didn't make up for not seeing Baby.

Watched television long enough to be thoroughly depressed by election exit polls and went to bed hoping they'd got it dramatically wrong.

Friday woke with a headache and then remembered why and headache got worse when the exit polls were not only confirmed but it looked like the Tories were heading for a majority.

Relieved to be taking friend and her baby to hospital for routine appointment at 10.20. Finally got her back home at 1.30. On my way home stopped at Sainsburys for essential supplies as cupboard is bare.

Ate lunch, Facebooked for a while then went to visit uncle who is unsteady today and not feeling or looking as well. But, as he said, he might as well feel unwell at home as in hospital as there's nothing they can do for him. And at home he is surrounded by neighbouring widows who are feeding him.

Tomorrow taking uncle to hospital to visit Jane. She was supposed to be released today but had a funny turn so is in for the weekend.

On Monday I said to Husband, 'Yesterday was all one day, wasn't it?'
Right now I feel the same, 'This week was all one week, wasn't it?'
No wonder I'm flipping tired! And the bathroom is still only half cleaned.


Katney said...

My mama told me there'd be days like that.

She forgot to mention that they would all come in a row.

Liz Hinds said...

Indeed, Katney!

Ole Phat Stu said...

Wanna ride that model railway!
Looks the one I rode last May,