Sunday, May 17, 2015

5 items or ...?

Went to town today to buy a present for a friend but was distracted by bathing costumes. I had some time to spare so I decided I'd try one on. A very pretty flowery red one with a little frill around the bottom.

I am convinced they would sell more clothes if the lighting in changing rooms was better, by which I mean less bright obviously. I liked the costume a lot especially as it boasted tummy and hip control. Sadly it was no match for my tummy and hips.

I didn't really need a new bathing costume anyway. 

On the other hand kudos to Sainsburys. In their newly-refurbished entrance bit they have a sign saying, '5 items or fewer.' I was so pleased to see fewer instead of less I would have taken a photo if I'd had my camera.

Sainsburys also has bee hotels at 100 of its stores. I knew there were good reasons I shopped there.

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Katney said...

I also get the fingernails on chalkboard sensation when I see less when it should be fewer, but somehow I have gotten used to it at the supermarket. Odd that. Maybe I don't expect Safeway or Walmart to have good grammar.

But I don't know what the bee hotel is.