Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Being looked after by Husband today. At this moment he is in the kitchen preparing his special shepherd's pie. It may sound pretty basic but takes hours to make and is absolutely delicious.

That's after he brought me breakfast in bed - warm croissants, butter and raspberry conserve.

This morning Daughter phoned to suggest that we meet them at Verdi's this afternoon. Of course, as the diet started on Tuesday, I shall only have a cup of tea. 

Paul O'Connell (left) voted sexiest Irish rugby player 2015
The Maltesers Husband bought me yesterday have already been eaten: the stress of the Wales Ireland game drove me to them. What a game! I was struggling to believe before the game started and even when Wales went in front I still feared a comeback from the Irish who were playing to retain their hopes of a Grand Slam. Then when all the action was on the Wales try-line I could hardly breathe. But the boys - as everyone in Wales thinks of the team - did us proud. Awesome. Their performance has been likened to that of the regiment at Rorke's Drift. That's possibly a slight exaggeration but it felt like it at the time. In fact it was such a victory that maybe I should allow myself a little celebration cake with my cup of tea at Verdi's.

After breakfast today we went out for a long walk up through the woods, down through the park and across the beach.

So, thinking about it, I've probably used lots of calories so maybe I could have just a little ice cream in Verdi's. Maybe apple crumble and honeycomb. With a flake - a little bit of chocolate on Mother's day is acceptable - and maybe a swirl of cream - which is mostly air anyway.

Mm, yes, that'll do nicely.

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