Friday, January 02, 2015

Chips on the beach!

You can tell I wasn't with Husband. He would never have suggested/agreed to having chips on the beach in the middle of the day; he is much too sensible. But I jumped up and down with glee, the experience being made even better by the fact that I got a little wooden fork too! 

And the company as well of course. My lovely young friend.
Our third attempt at a selfie. Number 1 exposed my wrinkled forehead and then Elin grumbled about number 2, so we changed direction using the claim that we'd get a better view of the beach this way and not that it meant that our faces were in the shade. (The best photos of me are taken in the shade, preferably darkness.)
The chips came at the end of our time together. It wasn't what we'd gone there to do although Elin was commenting from early on on the delicious smell of the chips so it was totally her fault. We began with tea and cake - a maple and pecan sort of flapjacky-but-not-really thing that would do rather nicely for Zac's if I'd found out what it was called and could have googled a recipe - followed by a stroll on the (over-crowded) beach followed by a selfie and sit-down followed by chips and another sit-down.

So by the time I got round to walking George (Husband has had a poorly stomach and has had to spend the day playing Civilisation on his laptop) it was getting late. 'Just a quick walk,' I told George - before I got carried away.
We started off along the beach.

And then cut back through the park.
I was a little worried, as the sun was setting, that we may get locked in the park. I was concerned, purely for George of course, as, unlike me obviously, he'd never be able to vault safely over tall pointy metal railings so I kept an eye open for gaps in the fence. And let me tell you: there aren't many. Which is strange considering its proximity to the university halls of residence. So it was a relief when we reached the other side safely even though it did mean walking quickly which in the cold evening air with a dodgy chest and throat isn't necessarily the wisest action.

Lemsip to bed I think tonight. 


Katney said...

Flapjacks in the US are an entirely different thing from yours. It is a regional term for pancakes.

Jay said...

Aaah, you too, huh? I'm not sure I know anyone who is 100% well at the moment! It's me, by the way, Jay-who-used-to-be-Depp-Effect. I've moved.

I'm glad you managed to get out of the park - like you, I'd be worried for my dogs rather than myself. Chips on the beach sounds lovely, but only if they came with salt and vinegar. It's the only way!

Liz Hinds said...

I didn't know that, Katney. These weren't really flapjacks as I would think of them either.

They came with salt and vinegar, Jay! Welcome back!

doodledaydream said...

Chips on the beach sounds wonderful! :)

doodledaydream said...

Chips on the beach sounds wonderful! :)

Trubes said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day Liz, nothing like eating chips al fresco!

Hope you'll soon be feeling better,
I was poorly all over Christmas, even missed my Christmas dinner down the road at daughter's (2).. Ian toodled along and had a fine old time...good to be missed! (NOT)!
Love Di,
Happy New Year.