Saturday, December 27, 2014

We made it!

'I think I'm going to have a heart attack.'
'I'm feeling faint,' Husband replied.
'Heart attack trumps fainting.'
'Not if you have a heart attack when I faint.'

True. Good job I didn't and nor did he. It was my first walk/exercise for at least a month, what with the lurgies, busyness and life of pre-Christmas, and it showed in the panting as I climbed the hill. But we made it to the top and home again - and before a hail shower - so we're back on track. Now all we have to do is eat all the leftover food and chocolates ...

It was a lovely Christmas season with two Christmas dinners - one before Younger Son and Nuora left for Italy and one on the day itself - plus loads of other yummy food including Elder Son's now traditional Christmas Eve festive lasagne.
And it was just wonderful to be together in various patterns although with everyone gone now the house does seem a bit empty and I'm wandering around like a little lost sheep. A Boxing day jigsaw was a great antidote though as was today's walk and later on the traditional local rugby derby between Ospreys and Scarlets. We'll be watching it on television because the only tickets left when I checked were corner ones, and they were just too expensive.

And I mustn't forget to mention my Christmas present from Husband who kept asking me what I wanted and when I didn't give him an answer came up with this:

A sonic screwdriver! The proper David Tennant one of course. (Universal remote control that takes a day to set up but then can be gesture or voice operated. Oh this is going to be fun!)


Katney said...

That explains the sonic screwdriver. We don't see Dr. Who so I was in the dark.

We haven't walked much since our Thanksgiving week hike in Arizona, so we may be huffing and puffing with you when we head out snowshoeing with middle son on New Year's.

Katney said...

And the chocolates.

Hubby is no longer allowed chocolate, so when grandkids shared a bit of theirs from their Christmas stockings yesterday he was spared experience of the chocolates laced with hot peppers. I know now to inspect the labels. Sneaky kids.

Liz Hinds said...

Chocolates with hot peppers? Chocolate with chilli is very popular here. But not with me.