Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Taking off my clothes

Arriving home from the theatre last night the first thing I did was take off my clothes.

It gave Husband a minor thrill but as I pointed out to him, 'You wouldn't have be so impressed if I'd been arrested after taking them off in the theatre.' In fact, that's maybe why there were so many policemen around: in case women began randomly discarding clothing.

It was hot in the theatre. Lots of people said that. But my overheating is more personal. And it's been happening on a regular basis for a while now.

I thought I was done with hot flushes. All that was supposed to be behind me; I thought I'd entered the period-free, PMT-free, best time of my life stage. 

But when I got home last night you could have used me to heat the Royal Albert Hall - and people would have been asking the management to turn down the heating .

So what the feck (to use a jolly little alternative) is going on with my body?


nick said...

Well, I don't often get hot flushes but I'm regularly much hotter than Jenny. I'm happily pottering about feeling quite warm and Jenny has to put the heating on because she feels freezing.

Perhaps it's something you're eating or drinking that gives you the hot flushes?

Liz Hinds said...

Same here, Nick. Husband is always warm and I'm usually a freezer. I did wonder about the food heating me up but why should that suddenly start?

Leslie: said...

I'm always hot - still...Once when I was at the pool, changing out of swim suit, I was loudly complaining about thinking I was through with all that hot flush nonsense. An elderly lady (probably in her 80s) told me to never mind, it will keep on until you die. Just when you think it's over with, it comes back! Oh my, lucky us! LOL Oh well, at least hubby got a "minor thrill." lol