Friday, August 29, 2014

The eye of David Cassidy

First jigsaw for ages. Real one that is as opposed to

Amazingly I found an eye and knew without doubt it was David Cassidy's. And the teeth had to be Donny's. Ah Jackie, I did so love my weekly fix. Romantic stories, make-up advice, latest fashions and even - if you look closely at the left corner of the jigsaw you'll see it - guides to kissing. Not forgetting Cathy and Claire, resident agony sisters.

I was a very backward teenager, never going out - certainly not with boys - and not wearing make-up or fashionable clothes. I had to live life vicariously through the pages of Jackie. And how I dreamed of being one of those long-legged exotic creatures that graced its pages or even of being a hard-done-by girlfriend who could seek the advice of Cathy and Claire. 

Where have the years gone?


Shirley Davis said...

Despite appearances au contraire in my later life (you know better than most having received many a too long email and wail), my teenage years were lived the same way as yours, Liz! It was Jackie that/who showed me the way I could be going but wasn't. Woe betide me if I did. I waited until the grand age of ...

CherryPie said...

I used to read Jackie and was a fan of David Cassidy. I had a big scrapbook full of his photos and newspaper clippings.

Liz Hinds said...

So we have a lot to thank Jackie for, Shirley!

David Cassidy was a bit after my time, cherrypie, but he did have a sweet face.