Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hang on to your dreams

An excellent evening at Zac's on Tuesday. We've just finished a series on Paul's letter to the church at Colosse (and a quick look at his letter to Philemon too) so we took a break and had a ... Korean meal.

We're all delighted that Rowland, who's spent his life in mission work, considers Zac's to be his regular church (in as far as Zac's is regular) and comes every week unless he's off lecturing or travelling, and he usually brings with him at least two of the Korean students based at Nations in Llanelli. And two of those students were recruited to prepare the meal. 
I'm told Down (on the left) is the cook and Saerom the helper, and together they produced a delicious chicken and rice dish (with a choice of spicy or not so - spicy proving to be most popular).
While I was eating I was grumbling about the fact that my dream of reaching out in friendship to the girls in the massage parlours in Swansea (particularly the one at the end of the road Zac's is in) seemed to be taking forever to progress. Each step forward is followed by a leap back - or so it seems. But more of this later.

Sean had asked Rowland, as our tribal elder, to 'write' a letter to the church at Zac's to present after the meal. Rowland began it by passing around a box covered in a cloth. We were told to look in the box but to make no comment. Then he told an old story from a Kalahari tribes people about a man who married a beautiful but mysterious woman. The only condition the woman put on the marriage was that the man was never to look in the box she kept with her; if he did she would leave. Needless to say the day came when the woman was absent from the house and the man could resist no longer; he opened the box to find it empty. When she returned he laughed at her for keeping an empty box. Sadly she replied, 'That box held my dreams,' and, as she had promised, she left him.   

The message from this story was, 'Hang on to your dreams. Never give up on them.God, who put the dream in your heart, will fulfil it. '

At the end of the evening Mark came up to me and said, 'Will you come outside for a minute? I want you to meet someone.'
The person he wanted me to meet was one of the girls from the massage parlour at the end of the road. We chatted for about half an hour and she is keen to come to Zac's and bring another one of the girls too.

God works in mysterious ways. Whoopie doo!

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