Monday, July 14, 2014

How to feel inadequate without even trying

At the checkout a headline on the magazine: Four kids, one husband and a £14m business. I hate her already.

I arrive home from Sainsburys - having resisted the 2 boxes of Cadburys Fingers for £2 offer - and Husband says, 'You need to do some accounts. Find out how much you earned from sales via Lulu.'

I oblige and find that during the tax year 13/14 I sold 5 copies of my book via lulu and from that made the magnificent sum of 80p. And I won't be paid that until the total is the equivalent of $5. I could go to my grave never receiving it.

I really wish I had bought those Fingers now.


Leslie: said...

I sold one of my photos, but I get nothing until my sales reach $20.00're in the same boat.

Ole Phat Stu said...

Don't give up, Liz! Writing is in your blood :-)

BTW, how much formastting etc did you do for the Kindle version? Using which tools? I ask because I'm thinking of doing an eBook too.

Furtheron said...

We all know the feeling... my stunning royalty check in the last tax year was... £34.28! Move over Sir McCartney... I think not

But - you have real talent - one of those books (the one I bought for my wife) was passed around her "book crew" (They all buy books and share them) and all of them were hugely impressed... only when they'd all read it did my wife tell them it was your first novel and you were self-published... they all are awaiting your next release. So DON'T give up

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Liz .. why should you feel inadequate.."you have a published book" !! . Do I ? No , so now who feels inadequate .. I couldn't write a book .. I struggle with writing a blog post.. don't take any notice of these headlines ..we would all feel like this if we did. I feel bad enough because I don't speak another language ..when someone I know can speak 3 or more. I am practicing Italian now as off on a trip in 6 weeks , cannot wait. !!