Wednesday, July 16, 2014

'Are you suffering with hearing loss?' 'What?'

'Well, I've never had one of those phone calls before,' I exclaimed to Husband before relating it to him.

'Hello, Elizabeth Haindes?' (Said with northern Midlands accent.)
'Er yes.'
'Our computer brought your name oop as someone who has worked with industrial machinery in't past.'
'Um no.'
'You've never worked with heavy machinery?'
End of phone call.

'He sounded so convinced he was right he had me doubting,' I said to Husband. 'Where would he have got my name from as someone who's worked with machinery?'
'It's a scam,' Husband said. 'They just phone people at random.'
'Really? But that's ... that's naughty.'

The closest I've come to industrial machinery is my rangemaster oven. I wonder if he meant that.


nick said...

I was often close to some very powerful music amps when I was young. They probably qualify as industrial machinery but as yet my hearing seems to be unaffected.

katney said...

I used to tell my middle school students that they needed to speak up instead of mumble because "My ears are old and they had listened to too much loud rock music."

Rose said...

I've never received one of these phone calls, but I've been getting a lot of mail from hearing aid companies lately. When I asked my husband why he never gets any of this mail, he said, "What did you say?" :)

Suburbia said...

How noisy is your oven Liz?!! My smoke alarm can be pretty defening when my oven malfunctions (obviously nothing to do with me!)

Liz Hinds said...

I think I hear perfectly well, Nick, but the television companies are turning the sound down when they record - so I have to turn up the volume.
That's probably true for me too, Katney.
Ha ha, Rose!
I have learned to keep the kitchen door closed when I cook, Sub. (The smoke alarm is in the hall.)