Saturday, June 21, 2014

Something strange has happened to me

There was a time, not so long ago, when I couldn't say the name of the English rugby team without spitting it out. Even being married to an Englishman - who is always very generous in his support of Wales - didn't seem to take away this built-in antipathy towards the boys in white.

But over the last year I've noticed a subtle change in my attitude so much so that this morning I was genuinely cheering on the English in their battle against the awesome All Blacks. So what explains this metamorphosis?

I'm not a rugby expert but I 'know what I like' and it seems to my inexpert eye that the way the English team plays has changed; it's become more exciting. (Dare I say more Welsh?) Also the current crop seems less arrogant than previous teams. That arrogance may have been imagined or exaggerated but 'the very nerve' of it was enough to cause a them and us situation.

But really I think it may be a more fundamental change in my thinking that has led to my about-turn. I've been horrified over past weeks by the comments of some Swansea football fans about Cardiff City and their relegation from the premiership. As I looked on appalled I think I saw my own reflection staring back at me.

Of course, nothing will ever take place for me of the Wales rugby team, who this afternoon came so very close to beating South Africa in SA for the first time ever. And when thinking about the reasons why they failed something became clear to me.

Two sin binnings and two penalty tries will not win us a world cup. What they need out there on tour is a Welsh mam to instil a bit of discipline into the boys. And in the spirit of bravery and sacrifice shown by the boys this afternoon I am willing to offer my services. 

(I've also noticed that we're still not very good at line-outs, something that the Welsh management team don't seem to have noticed, so I'd point that out to them too.)

I'll need someone to carry my bags, of course, but Husband would be willing to take that on and ask nothing more than board and tickets to the games. So, Mr Gatland, keep me in mind for your next tour - what? There isn't another before the world cup?  Then I fear we're in trouble ...


Robyn Lee said...

Your comment about sin binning and penalty tries could apply here, too, Liz. Though I admire the All Blacks because they always play a "clean" game.

Leslie: said...

I don't follow rugby as it's not as big here as soccer and football. Are you following the World Cup in Brazil? Who would you be rooting for?

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I expect you've been contacted by now . Good Luck with them all .

Liz Hinds said...

The All Blacks are just on another level, Robyn.

No, not really, leslie. If England had gone on I'd have supported them!

Still waiting for the call, Sonata.

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