Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm going to a wedding on Friday

So yesterday I thought I'd better go and buy something to wear.
'What?! More clothes?' Husband said. 'What about all the clothes in your wardrobe?'
I shrugged and set off for town. 

Or rather I set off for prison where I was being supportive at the service. Do you remember the Friday before last I was propositioned by an acquaintance recently released from prison? He's back in. In fact he was back in the same day.
It was his turn to shrug when I said, 'Oh Cookie!'
'It's my home,' he said.

So, anyway, back to the shopping.

I spent an hour that lasted a lifetime in Debenhams, tried on a dozen frocks and finally settled for a red lacy one. By the time I'd queued, paid and got back to the car I was already having second thoughts. Husband's reaction when I tried it on to show him made up my mind. 'I don't like it. Red doesn't suit you.'

I rummaged through my wardrobe; perhaps I could wear something I already owned. The best I could come up with were a lilac shift dress and a pair of white trousers. 
'I could wear that dress but I'll have to shorten it a bit.'
'You? Sew?'
I had to admit Husband had a point.

Today I returned to town to return the dress. Perhaps I could find a pretty top to wear over the trousers.

There was a pretty top in Monsoon that I liked but when I tried it on it was very low in the armpits. I assumed it was the design and it wasn't until I'd taken it off that I discovered it wasn't a size 12 but a size 22. (Note to self: wear glasses when shopping.) (Notice that other than the armpits it was fine; I just thought it was meant to be loose and flowing.) (And they only had it in 22.)

Three shops in and I was giving up the will to live partly because most of my time seemed to be spent avoiding eager youngsters trying to guilt me into sponsoring a child, taking up zen buddhism or joining the socialist worker party and partly because no-one ever make anything exactly as I want it. (Maybe I should give up writing and become a fashion designer. How does one go about that?)

It was on my fourth tour of Debenhams that I set myself this rule: you will not leave here without buying something to wear. Even if you hate it.

I must have looked pathetic as I loaded up my arms with things I didn't really like to try on because the Personal Shopper spotted me and hollered, 'Did you want to try those on?'
Now I didn't know she was a personal shopper at that point or I'd have said, 'No, no!' It wasn't until she led me into a little room labelled Personal Shopper that I began to get an inkling. Now I'm a bit wary of personal shoppers fearing that I will be talked into spending lots of money on something I hate but this one was very good and did find me the dress I ended up buying. 

And she said I was petite. (Okay they're paid to make customers feel good but it worked.)

And Husband liked it. And, even though I bought a top as well - to wear with white trousers - both items together came to less than the price of the original dress. And despite what Husband thinks the whole kerfuffle wasn't a cunning ploy on my part to make my purchase seem like a bargain.

But I might bear it in mind for future purchases.


Ole Phat Stu said...

How come we never see any cross-dressers buying? Do they get refused service? Would that be illegal?

I wonder where they buy their dresses?

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Ole Phat Stu...they most probably by online. And why would you want to see cross dressers buying.

Anyway back to Liz, ..I would take a female friend shopping for something like this. But I am glad that what seems a nightmare shopping experience you found something to wear. :-)

Liz Hinds said...

Yes, as Anne says, online I guess, stu.

Daughter is usually a good one to take with me for special occasion shopping, Anne.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I have often thought about using personal shopper.. I think I am going to do that for my next purchase from Debenhams.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Well I do have a daughter in law who sometimes helps , otherwise my friends. Wouldn't ask hubby he doesn't have a clue. I wouldn't be able to cope taking him with me either. As for my son's hahaha ..

Liz Hinds said...

Yes, she was very good, Anne. Husbands and sons - oh no!

Leslie: said...

I'm with you and Anne about daughters. Mine are good about telling me what suits and what doesn't but unfortunately they're not always available just when I need to go shopping!