Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I know him so well

On our 25th and 30th wedding anniversaries Husband contrived to be away on works jollies; today I get my own back! This evening we can't go out for a meal because I'm speaking to a group of ladies about my book. Okay it's not quite playing in boats with the Marines (25th anniversary) or attending the rugby sevens (30th) at twickers with all that entails but it's a ... well, anyway.

But when walking George I had a brilliant idea: we could go for afternoon tea! But even as my mouth was starting to water at the thought of those sandwiches with crusts neatly cut off, cream scones, Madeira cake and other dainty delicacies served on fine china plates and accompanied by a steaming hot pot of tea, I knew what Husband's response would be.

When we'd both returned from our journeyings I told him of my idea.
'But I've just bought food for dinner,' he said.
'We could eat that another night.'
He pondered then said, 'Nah, I can't be arsed. It's too hot.'

Thirty-six years and I know my husband so well. It's a good job he has other qualities because he doesn't have a single romantic bone in his body. (Okay, maybe he has just one.)

So we went skinny dipping instead ...


Leslie: said...

OH! lol

nick said...

It's about time men enjoyed being romantic instead of thinking it's some soft-headed female trait. The roles are reversed in our house. I'm romantic enough that Jenny sometimes calls me a ridiculous slopbag. Well, what's wrong with that?

A shame about missing that mouth-watering cream tea....

Ole Phat Stu said...

"...maybe he has just one"

Not like you to make a rude joke, but well done ;-)