Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How are you enjoying retirement?

People keep asking me and I'm inclined to reply, 'I'll let you know when I have time to find out.'

Ask many retired people and they'll say the same thing, 'I'm finding myself busier than ever,' and 'I don't know how I found time to go to work.' But it's wonderful. I am thoroughly and absolutely enjoying retirement. Even though I only worked ten hours a week I'm now released from that regime and it just feels different. Completely free! The fact that the weather's been good has also helped!

But, as the absence of blog posts might suggest, I am finding a lot to do with my time.

Last week there was a workshop in Zac's. The people who made the Swansea on the Streets documentary series about homelessness in Swansea had funding to do a pilot performance involving some of the rough sleepers and telling their stories in their own words in various creative ways. On Friday the organisers miraculously pulled it all together enough to put on a performance for the funders with the hope of getting more money to do something more substantial. But before that they were in Zac's each day rehearsing and improvising - and making it up as they went along. 

I was there Wednesday to Friday doing lunch for them (production team, rough sleepers and actors) and I have to admit on Thursday that I was concerned for the performance the following day. But the guys turned up (always a good start), and put on a brilliant show. Well done to everyone involved!

Nina casually mentioned that she'd been beaten up and raped a few weeks earlier.

Paul, in the last photo, is a drifter who's spent the last thirty-seven years on the street. 

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