Saturday, May 24, 2014

In which Husband raises my hopes ...

only to crush them a minute later.

Yesterday he said, 'Toulon play Saracens in the Heineken Cup Final at the Millennium Stadium tomorrow. We could go and watch Johnny Wilkinson's penultimate game.'
'Oh, yes, Johnny Wilkinson mmmm.'
'Or I could pay £10 and get a day pass for Sky and watch it on there.'
'Oh no, not as much fun.'
'But look! I could watch Derby (he's a Derby boy) versus QPR in the play-offs too! That's me settled for tomorrow afternoon then.'

So near, Johnny, yet so far.

He's currently watching the football. At 70 minutes it's 0-0 and a boring game. I only managed to watch it for about 5 minutes: I really can't see the attraction.

I should be practising my talk for prison tomorrow morning but I took it on the walk with me and it's now a soggy mash. I should know better than to challenge a rain cloud. 'Huh, is that  the best you can do?'
It wasn't. I was soaked through to my knickers.

And I have come to the conclusion that I have dataload. I can only remember so much. The bits I can remember I remember well; the rest of it, hm, well, I have my notes. At least I will have when I print them out again.I need a usb stick on which I can store information that I only need now and again.

There is so much that I don't know. I suddenly wondered why we say, 'look right, look left and then look right again.' 
'Why do we say look right again but then not look left again?' I asked Husband. 'I mean I realise you would never get across the road as you'd have to keep looking each way but why just look right for a second time?'
'Because that's the side that traffic is closest to you. You can look left again when you get to the middle of the road.'
'Well, good heavens, I never knew that. I am so stupid.'
'You're not stupid; you're clever. It's just that you're only clever when you're interested in something.'

Hmm, it's a good theory but I'm not entirely convinced.


katney said...

Do you have gallon plastic zip bags? Put your notes in one when you take them out in the rain -- or potential rain.

I am looking at the "prove you are not a robot". There is no number--just a fuzz where there should be a number. And it is not my eyes as I had them tested yesterday. I will get new glasses but I can still see with these till I do.

Liz Hinds said...

Do I have the anti-robot test? I think i had lots of spam at one time. i wonder if it's safe to take it off again.

Yes, i should have put them in a bag but I was convinced it would stop raining ...

Leslie: said...

Do you use recipe cards for your notes? They're a bit sturdier than regular paper and maybe with a bigger zip-top bag, you could even flip through them. Too bad about the game. Lorne does that sort of thing, too, but with dinner. "What would you like for dinner tonight?" " about...?" "Oh..." Don't ask if you already know what YOU

nick said...

"You're only clever when you're interested in something." Yes, I can identify with that. If something's boring, my brain just slips into neutral.

Fraid I can't advise you on giving talks. I've always successfully avoided such nerve-racking occasions.

Ole Phat Stu said...

If you can't remember bits of your talk because you think they're not interesting,
just think what it's like for your audience!

Oh, I forgot, it's a captive audience ;-)

Trubes said...

What a shame you missed Johnny, he's such a dish, and speaks properly unlike most of the overpaid dumbo footallers,
such a shame he's retiring.
I do like football but coming from Liverpool, that's expected, but I recoil in horror particularly when Steve Gerrard speaks, he's the Liverpool Captain and will Captain England in the forthcoming World Cup.
He cannot string an intelligible sentence together without saying ..
'Er erm ererm, as I said, ererm, as I said'.

Maybe, apart from having compulsory education until they're eighteenth, I think footballers should have elocution lessons, at we'd be able to understand them...There! Rant over...good luck with the talk..