Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cars, gang rites and me

It appears I have been unsetting the alarm on the car each time I've locked it ever since we had it (nearly five years). I am convinced that Husband told me to press the lock button twice otherwise why would I have done it in the first place? Obviously he denies this.

We only discovered this yesterday when reading the manual to find out how to unset the alarm while leaving George in the car while we went into B&Q.

Anyway, Mini hasn't been stolen so no harm done.

On a similar but separate note, I was driving home from work today when a car coming up the hill went flash-flash-flash-flash-flash. Now following a similar incident a while ago I now know that this can mean one of three things:
a) that the driver knows you;
b) that you are approaching a police speed camera;
c) that the driver is taking part in a gang initiation ceremony and if I flash back he will be obliged to kill me. (I owe that little gem to Facebook.)

Today I ruled out a) as I'm pretty certain I didn't recognise the car, although that is placing quite a reliance on my brain, and c) because Mayals is an awfully nice part of Swansea and unlikely to be visited by potential gang members. Although thinking about it they may be more likely to come where they think the residents won't be wise to their tricks. But I didn't flash back just in case. Leaving me with b).

So I made sure I stayed within the speed limit (30), which I would do anyway, of course, but it is difficult when you're going down a hill. Tra la la I crawled down the hill but without spotting a police camera van. Until I got almost to the junction at the bottom. Where cars going down had to stop in order to wait for a gap in slow-moving oncoming traffic so they could pull out to get around the police van.

If it were intended as a revenue-raiser it would have been a disaster, however, as a traffic-slower it was highly effective.  


nick said...

What amuses me is the number of bogus "speed check" signs. The vast majority seem to be bogus, as all the local motorists going well above the limit have obviously realised. It's only the non-locals who take any notice of them.

katney said...

I find it much "easier" to keep under the speed limit after two speeding tickets and a warning within a year. The deputy who gave me the second ticket was much more cheerful than the first one. And he might have given me a warning but he came back and said "You had a speeding ticket in Yakima County last year." Hmmmmmmmmm, I am glad that the warning for months earlier was not on my record.

katney said...

BTW, in that same period of time husband had two speeding tickets as well. And I think they were in the same locations. Which goes to show that those are speed traps.

He did not fess up about them till the insurance came due, and he said something about the higher rates because we both had tickets.

These were my first tickets in over 45 years of driving. Not so for him.

Trubes said...

I can't drive anymore so can't possibly comment, wish I could but c`est la vie !


Robyn Lee said...

I guess that's one way of ensuring everybody drives at the correct speed. Quite ingenious I suppose...

Ole Phat Stu said...

Here, the cops ask you "Do you know how fast you were going?" If you answer yes, they double the fine for "intent", If you say no, they double the fine for "not paying attention".

Correct answer is "I'm sure you can tell me?". I once cheekily answered "Surely you don't expect me to look down at the tacho on my bike at such speeds?" which got me a fine-doubling as well :-(