Friday, April 18, 2014

Lost: 1 mojo

I'm sure I had it a few days ago but I've looked everywhere and I can't find it. No doubt it will turn up soon but in the meantime ... 

Pull yourself together!

Met with Sean on Sunday to find out what I was supposed to be leading the bible study on on Tuesday. He said to skip the end of chapter 7 of John's gospel, go to chapter 8 and look at the story of the woman caught in adultery. Use it to lead a discussion on the idea of Jesus is Lord. Okey dokey.

Tuesday afternoon I settle down to prepare and read the passage. Read it again. And again getting progressively more panicky. No matter how many times I read it I still can't find any mention of the word Lord. 

Wonder if I got the passage wrong but am convinced it's what Sean said. The closest I can find is where the woman says, 'Yes, sir.' Check in other versions and find it does indeed say Lord in some. Wonder if there's some other idea I can take from it but decide to go with it and hope that the bibles we use in Zac's say lord.

They don't. 

So I explain the problem to everyone and ask if we can just pretend it does. Luckily they are an amiable bunch and we talk about everything - except Jesus as Lord. No, we do cover it a bit but no-one seems to want to dig into it - or maybe it's just that the idea is unpopular: giving someone else control of your life. 

But Rowland, our tribal elder, is very complimentary at the end of the evening so I'm happy. (And I don't think it was just because he had a birthday cake.)

Meanwhile I have volunteered to be at Zac's at 6.30 am on Sunday to help prepare bacon butties for the people who come back after the churches together Easter sunrise celebration on the beach. I really hope I've found my mojo by then. 


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I would not worry , we all lose our mojo now and again , it will come back. wow have fun at 6.30 am cooking bacon butties :-) Happy Easter.

As for "Jesus is the Lord" it does not say it in my bible either , well not in John , Chapter 8 .. I have New Living Translation , Daily Study Bible for Women ..

Shirley Davis said...

Jesus is Lord in the sense (for me) that he knows best for us. He does not Lord it over me or my life. He shows the way. Re Bible passage - will look but don't expect to find anything other than quoted. Shan't find your mojo there either but I know it'll get you out of bed on Sunday morning - because you care, Liz. That's why. Happy Easter, munch munch

Robyn Lee said...

Good luck with the mojo hunt, Liz. I don't think Jesus would worry too much about whether or not He is referred to as Lord.