Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Now where did I put ...

So I have everything ready for my walk with George and I head for the back door: it's locked. I reach for the key in its usual place but it's not there. I look around and not finding it call Husband.
'You locked up last night; where did you put the key?' (I am delighted that for once I know I'm not at fault.)

A long conversation follows along the lines of 'usual place' etc etc before he refuses to believe me and comes to look for himself.

We then conduct a thorough search including the rubbish bin in case it fell in. Eventually Husband goes upstairs to look in his other trouser pockets in case he left it there. And that's when I remember the key I put in the camera bag a few minutes previously ready for our walk.

'Um, it's okay, I've found it,' I shout up the stairs.
'Where was it?'
'Er, I'd rather not say.'

* * * * * * * *
Last Monday I arranged to meet a plumber at Linden on Tuesday afternoon. It was Wednesday morning before I remembered. 

I called him and apologised profusely and tried several times to re-arrange but he ignored my messages. 

On Monday I gave up and arranged to meet another plumber at Linden today at 1.00 pm.

To say I am neurotic about this meeting is putting it mildly. I have set the alarm on my computer, left myself notes in prominent positions and even got Carolyn from Linden to email me this morning to remind me.

I have a fear of being blacklisted by every plumber in Swansea


Trubes said...

I once lost my set of keys to the house, car etc.
we searched everywhere to no avail.
Husband decided they must have ended up in the bin via the waste paper basket I keep by the side of my desk,
he diligently opened up 6 waste bin bags and Voila, there they were in amongst all kind of rubbish!
How did they get there I wondered?
Immediately I was able to place the blame on the cat, as she likes to tap my keys around when I'm using my PC, she does this to attract my attention, as needy cats do!


Liz Hinds said...

At least it wasn't your fault! x

nick said...

Tradesmen over here have a funny habit of not telling you they don't want to do a job. They'll sound very positive and fix up a date and time and price, and then simply not turn up. Very annoying. Why can't they just say thanks but no thanks?

Liz Hinds said...

they go as far as that and then don't turn up, Nick? That must be infuriating.

Leslie: said...

Whenever I hear about someone around my age forgetting something, I feel so relieved that it's normal...not that I AM, but at least I'm not the ONLY one who does things like this! For instance, I went to install my new Norton Antivirus this morning and couldn't find it. Lorne looked in the car but it wasn't there. So I have a call in to the store to see if I dropped it and someone returned it. *Sigh* LOL

Liz Hinds said...

It is infuriating, isn't it, Leslie? I tell myself my head is too full of important stuff to bother with minor details.