Wednesday, October 23, 2013

And the coal face just got dirtier

After my debacle with the laundry I was looking forward to meeting a friend for lunch. 

I drove to hers and was surprised to see, as I was approaching, that she appeared to be mopping her front step and looking more prepared for an afternoon's hard labour than a pleasant lunch.

Turned out I'd got the wrong day. Tomorrow we're meeting for lunch.

There are some days I shouldn't bother getting out of bed. It would help if I knew in advance though.


Robyn Lee said...

I think that's a sign of something, Liz. What I found out what, I'll let you know, because I think I suffer from it, too.

Anna said...

Er, mopping the front step? Who is this clean person? Please send her over here stat.

Liz said...

Please do, robyn, and let me know if there's a cure.

I think she had just spilled something, anna!