Friday, September 27, 2013

In which I am even more embarrassing than usual

I dial a number. It rings and I wait. It rings a long time so I browse through emails. At last a man answers, 'Hello.'
'Oh ... hello ... oh dear, my mind's gone blank. I can't remember why I'm calling you.'
'Um, who am I speaking to?'
'John Jones.' 
This makes it worse: I don't know a John Jones. 'Oh dear I can't remember why I was calling you.'
At this point I spot a name in amongst the emails. 'Oh wait, is your wife called Julie?'
'Yes, Julie Jones.'
'Ah I didn't know her name, you see.'
'She's the one I want to talk to.'
'She's not here.'
'Okay, goodbye.'
And I hurriedly hang up before he can ask my name.

I probably wouldn't be able to remember that either.


Leslie: said...

So frustrating when that happens! lol

Rose said...

Ha,ha, love this story:)

Gledwood said...

O bloody hell! I've been known to do that. Only I usually hang up without saying anything before it comes to any stuff like that!

And if they DO call back... THAT is when stuff like that gets said!...

... Awful, innit!

Suburbia said...

Hopefully he won't remember you called!

Robyn Lee said...

He's probably shaking his head at the nutter who rang for no discernible reason... I can imagine him saying to his wife "There are some strange people out there."!

katney said...

Usually happens to me when I am going down a list. Errrrr... I forgot who I was calling.....sorry.

Liz said...

Serves me right for not concentrating, leslie!

THanks, rose.

I should have played it cool, gledwood. But when your mind's a blank ...

I haven't asked his wife if he mentioned any strange phone calls, sub.

I wonder if she worked out it was me, robyn ...

Yes, working through a list when no-one answers is fatal too, katney.