Sunday, September 08, 2013

A wonderful two weeks

After two weeks of having grandchildren here we're back to normal today. At least almost. We still have Younger Son and Nuora who'll be living with us until the conservation project they're hoping to set up is up and running. In Malaysia. But I'm not thinking about that yet. Plenty of time to worry about them being on the opposite side of the world for 9 months of the year - at least it's not 12 - when it happens.

We've had a fab two weeks with the family but, I have to admit, I'm feeling just a little weary today. This afternoon I thought, 'I could do something useful like strip beds,' but then I thought, 'Why bother?' So I watched Victoria Wood talking about tea - television on a Sunday afternoon, how very decadent (although it's the way families used to spend Sunday afternoons, watching the Hollywood musical) - read a little and dozed a little. All very pleasant and relaxing.

During last week we did finally manage to take a ride on the land train ...
 although it wasn't until we were on the way back and GrandSon2 was sitting on my lap that I noticed something. This is what happens when you leave Grandad in charge of putting on shoes.
What's more we've booked a holiday ourselves!

Ever since our trip to Rome and Venice back in February we've said that we'll have a lying-in-the-sun holiday in September. So, we both spent a lot of time, before the family arrived, browsing websites to find holidays. As I've mentioned before Husband is quite particular: he likes flights from Cardiff (or possibly Bristol) that leave in the middle of the day and arrive back early evening. This limits our choices somewhat. Add to that the question mark over what the weather will be like in the Med in September, our - or my - fussiness over hotels, and the balance between quality and cost, and you'll understand why it takes us a long time to find a suitable holiday. But I did eventually!

And then Husband sighed and said, 'I don't think I want to pay so much money to lie in the sun after we've done such a lot of lying in the sun at home this summer.'

So we're renting a cottage in west Wales.

Which is absolutely fine by me. We can walk along the Pembrokeshire coastal path, eat cream teas, read a lot, and rest. Sounds perfect.

Oh yes, and the top restaurant in the nearest town (I use the term lightly) to the cottage, according to Tripadviser, is an ice cream parlour. It just keeps getting better and better.


katney said...

That sounds grand. I have been thinking of a cottage on the coast. Different coast. Getting beyond the time it would be practical, but maybe next year. We had a great time at Crater Lake last month.

Leslie: said...

Oh my gosh, Liz! That sounds like heaven. Let me know if it is a good spot as we might want to rent the same place one day soon.

Robyn Lee said...

A cottage on the coast sounds beautiful and suitably isolated! All you need is some stormy weather, a large fire in the hearth, tea and toast. We're heading for summer here, but what I've just said sounds wonderful!

Liz said...

Thanks all. I'm really looking forward to our little retreat!

mrsnesbitt said...

Can't beat the anticipation of a holiday. xx

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

wow two weeks , yes I would feel weary with all the family staying too . I am whacked out after a weekend ..

Your younger son and wife will have a great time in Malaysia (love Malaysia , not been for a long long time), a fab place to go , not sure I understand , (9 months of the year , at least it is not 12) .. I thought my son would get posted abroad for 3 years , I could of visited , but it never happened.

At least you won't get held up in the airports. My hubby leaves it to me to choose ,:-)

Rose said...

Sounds like you had a positively wonderful time with your family! You certainly deserved to put your feet up and rest for a day. After I've had the grandkids for just one day, I am ready for a nap:)

A holiday in Wales sounds delightful to me!

Liz said...

That's true, mrs n.

They'll be based out there for 9 months and then during the 'winter' season I suppose they'll come home for 3 months, anne.

It's wonderful to see them, rose, but as you suggest, exhausting.

Trubes said...

We've rented lots of holiday cottages all over the Uk including Pembrokeshire, lovely part of Wales, so you'll have a lovely time Liz. Where about are you staying ? We've stayed in Tenby, St David's.Laugharne, of Dylan Thomas's abode, very interesting little village, you can visit his boathouse on the edge of the river taff. You can breath and smell 'Under Milkwood' there, quite enchanting little place. Have a wonderful time, I know exactly what you mean about being worn out after of Children after having a houseful for two weeks, love di..xx

Liz said...

WE're a bit further up the coast than we intended but because it was last minute all my favourites went, di. We're down a bit from New Quay.