Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Choo choo!

The grandchildren are visiting soon so Granny is stocking up ready for fun.

For the first time they'll be here together for a bank holiday when the little trains will be running. I LOVE the little trains and have waited forever to take the grandchildren on them.

The trains only run for visitors on bank holidays but the site, just behind our road, is used all year by steam engine enthusiasts.

I'm excited already!

I just hope I'm not faced with the question I overheard in the Ladies' at Sainsburys today.
Little girl standing in front of condom machine: What are those?
Granny: Um, sweets.

Which I can see leading to trouble next time they're in there and Little Girl demands sweets.


Leslie: said...

Too funny!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Have fun ,, I know you will enjoy the little train more than the children (of course joking ,, or maybe not LOL LOL )

nick said...

Sweets? What a very silly and confusing answer. Surely she could have thought of an answer that was a bit closer to the truth but not too "inappropriate"?