Wednesday, August 14, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 17: Technology

My mobile telephone. Closer to a museum piece than cutting edge technology. No internet, can't take photos, in fact all it does is allow me to phone and text. And I only use it when I have no choice. Oh and I have discovered I can find out the time from it - if I happen to be carrying it with me rather than having left it somewhere about the house.

It does have its uses though: have you tried to find a public phone box recently? They are few and far between.

But yesterday you would have laughed to see me and another similarly-aged woman trying to exchange numbers. The process involved finding phones, writing down numbers, me calling her, her writing down my number then giving it back to me. Then calling me to test it. Such fun!

Still on the technology theme, Google and the massed knowledge of the internet are wonderful things but you can't beat a book when it comes to checking a word definition. 

And, yes, I know I'm still running a day behind but I'm hoping to catch up today. 


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I know , isn't it strange about phone boxes ,, we have few in our village , now I am not sure if they actually take money or credit cards now ,, I know the one in my brothers village is a credit card one ,, :-)

Liz said...

I suppose it's uneconomical for BT to maintain them as almost everyone has phone access of some sort.

katney said...

The teenagers no longer wear a watch. They get the time from their ubiquitous phones.

(catching up--there was no phone signal at Crater Lake, except on one rock on the rim.)