Wednesday, August 07, 2013

30 day Photo Challenge Day 10: childhood memory

I grew up living with my mother, grandparents and great-gran (in photo). The house was called Albert House and there were slate steps to the front door. The steps, which warmed in the sun (although I think I might be sitting on a cushion in this one), feature in many of my photos from growing up.

I think my great-gran must have been about 80 in this photo. Her only surviving daughter, Joan, now lives next door to Albert House and at 94 shows no signs of going anywhere. She saw the doctor the other week because 'I get out of breath when I walk up the hill carrying my shopping.'
'You're 94! You shouldn't be walking up the hill carrying your shopping!'

When she tells us what the doctor said she adds, 'So I have to sneak out when no-one's here.'

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