Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A little bit of this and

Spinach, feta and pine nut tart.

And trying out a new sultana cake recipe.
The quilters were photocopying the recipe because one of their number had made it the previous week and  'it was so nice we all asked for the recipe.' So I asked her to make me a copy of it too. (I didn't get to sample the cake you notice.)

Anyway I made it for Zac's this week and I liked it and it seemed to go down well. It involved soaking the sultanas overnight in tea so they were big and fat and juicy. There was some left over so I brought it home. Husband cut a piece this afternoon (his second of the day) and said, 'It's much too soggy.'
'Don't eat it if you don't like it.'
'Of course I'm going to eat it; I'm just going to grumble as well.'

In Zac's I was appointed an honorary auntie for the night to Bully (his name not nature).  I think he's older than I am but he may just look it. He said, 'You know me, auntie Liz, you know I don't f****** swear.' 

* * * * * * * * * *
Husband dropped me off in town today for a homeless awareness day. As the sun was shining we went in Brian Beetle and when I'd been dropped off a man approached me and said, 'Where's that car from?'
'Lovely car. I could imagine driving in that.'
I waited hopefully for the personal compliment but it didn't follow ... 

* * * * * * * * * *
As it was still warm and sunny when I got home I retired to the garden with my book. When it was time to come in I spent 5 minutes searching for my bookmark.

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