Thursday, May 09, 2013

It's later than you think

I was doing a bit of blog visiting yesterday when I noticed Jams' name on my list. It came as a shock again to realise suddenly that he's not blogging any more. His was one of the blogs I would visit on my regular tour and to remember again his sudden departure made me sad.

I have four names at the base of my blogging list, each of whom I had come to know through blogging and who've died. Three of the deaths were very sudden and unexpected; Dumpling had sort-of disappeared from the scene due to ill health but it was still a shock to find she'd died.

I didn't want to wipe out all trace of them so have maintained the links to their now dormant blogs as a small tribute to them. I enjoyed visiting each one of them and I'm sorry they've gone. 

But how short is life that it can end in a blink of an eye? Grab it now, while you have the chance.


CherryPie said...

When I went out with my camera on a couple of visits recently I found myself thinking Jams would love this and how I would like to see his unique photos of the places I was visiting...

katney said...

I still have my friend Deb as a Facebook Friend. Her profile picture comes up from time to time in who to play a game with.

I so remember when Grace and I stopped by and surprised her with a purple picnic. They are both gone. Grace's service dog Landrum could have been George's brother

I think I am going to go view their memorial pages on our quilt group site.

Furtheron said...

Always feel guilty that I am not making the most of each day when I think of things like this.

Liz said...

It catches you unawares, doesn't it, cherrypie?

I remember your purple picnic, katney!

Don't waste time feeling guilty, furtheron!!