Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy day!

We were thrilled to be amongst the select few friends invited to Gareth (Blossum) and Lara's wedding yesterday. It was a very happy day - not your average traditional wedding: I'd expect nothing less from Blossum. 

On a related theme. I wore my best matching bra and pants to the wedding. Considering they probably cost more than my dress I wondered about wearing them on the outside. But I didn't.

The reception was in a restaurant and we could chose what we wanted. Hearing a number of guests saying they'd be having dessert I opted for the chicken Caesar salad, in a sort of 'then I won't feel so bad about having pud,' manner. Which would have been good if the croutons hadn't been deep-fried - and absolutely delicious.

Followed by rhubarb and raspberry crumble with custard. Now sometimes in restaurants they like to give you a trendy portion of custard i.e. about a teaspoonful. Not so here. Pudding came in a soup bowl half full of crumble and half full of custard. Now that's what I call a proper helping.

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