Friday, May 17, 2013

And they're off!

So at midnight on Tuesday they were ready for the first stage of their adventure: a coach trip to Heathrow. With less luggage than I need for 2 days in Devon! Oh to be young and not worry about running out of knickers again!

We've heard - through the wonder of Facebook - that they arrived safely in Bangkok where it was 37 degrees at 5.00 pm and the fan in their hostel wasn't a lot of use. They've met up with James (who used to be our lodger) and Heather, who're spending 10 months and two years respectively travelling. And they've been cooking with Poo, in the slums of Bangkok - and Younger Son said it was amazing.

So, so far so good - oh, except Nuora took a malaria pill before eating from a street vendor and promptly threw up - whether because of the pill, the food, the heat or the exhaustion - a 36 hour trip door to door. But she's been okay since.

Exciting times for them.


Leslie: said...

I sure hope they have a positive trip with minimal problems! Best wishes to them - they're at the right age for this adventure.

katney said...

I've heard recently that the malaria pills are much improved since I took them for my India trip-- which is a good thing.

George appears to know what is going on and not particularly approve.

Furtheron said...

so different from when I was young where going to a festival was the most exotic thing we ever did.