Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A warning for internet shoppers

The trouble with seeking out the cheapest source on the internet is that there's probably a reason why it's so cheap.

In this case I ordered in February a present for Daughter from a company called parfumsparfums.com. Their price was by far the cheapest especially as it included p&p. What it turned out not to include was the product.

My first email of complaint was replied to: yes, they'd investigate.
My second email: they'd send a replacement.
My third email: once the replacement was returned they'd refund me.

I didn't receive a replacement or a refund. Today Husband, instructed by me to phone and be stroppy, reports that the number isn't accepting calls and that he's now found a number of articles on the internet suggesting the company is a scam. (And he's contacted our credit card provider who will make good our loss.)

So be warned! Avoid parfumsparfums.com at all costs!


nick said...

At the risk of sounding smug and patronising, my advice would be never to order from a company you don't already know to be reputable. There are so many scammers out there.

Liz said...

Very wise, nick. I shall stick to that in future.

Betty said...

I usually try to buy through the Amazon.com marketplace. They have been very reliable and they want you to review the product. They have been very receptive to whatever complaints they get.

Liz said...

Yes, betty, Amazon is always good but the price difference was huge so I took a chance. I have learned now.

Furtheron said...

I normally go for the obvious ones even he the price is higher. Good lesson to share