Saturday, April 20, 2013

In which George displays a certain intelligence

Or cunning perhaps. Yes, definitely cunning but it needed intelligence too.

In Devon this week Husband, after having his breakfast, left the buttery spread on the work surface. We were both then involved in sorting out grandchildren so the kitchen was left unattended briefly.

When I returned, the tub of buttery spread was near the edge. 'I'm sure Husband pushed it back away from the edge.' I looked in it - he had left the top off - and, although I couldn't be certain that there was less spread than previously  what was there was very smooth and rounded. Rather as though it had been licked.

I glanced across at George who was licking his lips.


I'm not sure how much he devoured but I couldn't help being impressed with his sneakiness. Licking it in situ rather than taking the whole tub - which would have been a giveaway - indicates a rather worrying leap up the evolutionary scale of cunning.


Leslie: said...

Oh that is too funny for words!

Ole Phat Stu said...

Ours then give themselves away by looking everywhere but at the treat ;-)

Liz said...

George is rather fond of all things buttery, leslie!

George has perfected the art of looking innocent, stu.

Rose said...

I always knew George was quite clever!